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2018 New Start! Deputy Director of Fujian EITC-- Mr. Lan Wen Visited Intretech



        On Feb. 24th, 2018, the ninth day of the first lunar month, Intretech resume to work for New Year 2018!

        “A good beginning is half done”. After CNY holiday, our siblings are back to work today with plenty of fight, vigour and vitality. Although the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not dissipated, Intretech siblings are energetic to welcome the first working day after the holidays.




        New Year, New challenge. Intretech is now ready to fight for its future. At the meeting this morning, Intretech Vice-president, Mr. Yang Ming, delivered a speech “Never forget why you started, step into new era of Intretech”, to inspire everyone that the horn of the new journey has already sounded, let us not forget why we started, keep in mind the mission, rolling up our sleeves to work harder, pace into the new journey to fight for our mission, contribute our wisdom and sweat to achieve the Intretech dream.




        Mr. Lan Wen (Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial commission of Economic And Information Technology ) and Mr. Ruan Yanshan (Deputy Director of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Economic And Information Technology) visited Intretech today to investigate the resumption of work and development planning after CNY as Intretech is a key local enterprise. Intretech CEO Lin Songhua and General Manager Assistant Chen Jiancheng hosted their visit this time.




        Mr. Lan had an in-depth tour of the company’s business development and said that he will keep an active interest in Intretech and strongly support the company's growth.

        Mr. Ruan said that Intretech’s social awareness will grow rapidly after its IPO. Intretech should share their experience of its own innovative UMS system and intelligent manufacturing with enterprises to help the industry to realize the technological transformation and upgrade.




        Mr. Lan and Mr. Ruan also have a full understanding of construction status of Intretech Innovation industrial park and paid a visit to intelligent manufacturing plant in Intretech.






        Aachievements in the past have become history; the new journey will be opened today.

        With Year 2018, Intretech has already entered into new era, the seeds of hope will thrive, and hard work will bring a full harvest. Let us be down-to-earth, be vigilant in peace time and portrayed a beautiful and bright future for Intretech new era!

        2018 - we are ready!